Astrological Reckonings

The biggest evidence of the authenticity of Astrology for me comes from comparing the personalities of a few thousand people whose birthdays I have compiled, and making observations about what I think they all have in common on the same day and in the same week. Yes, this is something I do.

2013_Aug 07_Libra I

I observe that we really significantly do all derive much of the quality of our primary energy thrust and inner truthful self from a cosmic blueprint that affects us at birth and throughout our lives, our years and our days, in repeating waves.

An unseen field of galactic vibrations navigates our psyches and behaviour along the annual journey of the Zodiac.

This evidently shows up in the shifting strengths and weaknesses that we experience each day. It can be detected by considering and comparing the actual people born on the same day and in the days surrounding.

Our genetic make-up and life’s conditioning shapes us so, so much, of course, but that’s another story, as covered by mainstream scientific understanding.

Oh, and also our brains are merged with nuances of the character of our eternal soul, advancing through myriad incarnations to progress our spiritual energy and karma. That’s also another story.

I do not suppose that astrological forces are absolute, irrepressible or infallible. But yet, I assert from my own research, they do have a recognisable impact.

Astrology IS NOT about prediction, it’s about background energies, which can be subtle or very potent. We ARE NOT ruled by them. Every sincere astrologer wants each individual to evolve beyond the more difficult influences they were given at birth to fulfil their true potential. Current knowledge of planetary influences simply provide a more detailed road map on life’s journey – but they don’t help us drive the car!”

~ Patrick Arundell, 2011

So, based upon the superlative framework of personology master Gary Goldschneider in his tomes The Secret Language of Birthdays and The Secret Language of Relationships, I have compiled a weighty document of birthday data, and, where it can be ascertained, I have noted people’s Moon and Rising signs. With each week of birthdays, I have evolved my own notes and sketches of Sun sign similarities – impressions covering our instinctive energy thrusts and moods, our best and worst potentials, ego, character, goals and spirit, charting the karma of the grand cycle of life on earth.

Our general primary energy thrust and inner truthful self are much flavoured by the Sun. Our moods, behaviour and processing of information is influenced by the Moon sign we were born under and where it is at any given moment. Our Rising sign (Ascendent) steers our Sun nature, guiding our public persona and approach.

With my abstract attempts at arcane accuracy, I am slowly cracking the cosmic personality code, and although I am prone to exaggeration and my investigation of perceptions is not without bias, flaws, mistakes and glaring contradictions, the consistency of my findings into mapped personality characteristics appears strong and many times better than sheer chance.

Exploring the building blocks and stumbling blocks of character and human relationships is a spiritually uplifting experience. People love hearing about themselves and finding understanding and resolution, so I am pleased to share my insights in the hope that our greatest potentials can be recognised, appreciated and harnessed, and our karmic pitfalls can be accepted, forgiven and kept in check. Many of the more difficult aspects can be overcome or transformed.

I don’t know yet what more of my research I will publish here, but I’d be glad to chat to you about this if you meet me.

Here are some more quotes that I like…

“Today a young man on acid realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imaginations of ourselves.

Here’s Tom with the weather.”

~ Bill Hicks, in Austin, Texas, on the audio bootleg recording known as Sane Man, 1989

“DNA – and human life as we know it – is a galactic template, written into the basic energy of the Cosmos itself on a quantum level.

Ultimately, human life is energetic, not biological. The biological form is only one phase of our overall evolutionary curve as souls.”

~ from Financial Tyranny Collapsing at Free-Fall Speed by David Wilcock, July 2013

“Consciousness is a universal phenomenon. It is not constrained within biological life only. That is the big secret. Consciousness is geometry. A thought is ultimately a geometric ripple in the Source Field.

Different geometric regions of space impart different influences upon the minds of all who pass through them.”

~ from Decloaking Lucifer: A Holographic, Angry Child Throwing a Tantrum by David Wilcock, February 2014

“What we find is that the deep-rooted integrity of the Wheel serves as an alembic, an alchemical container able to accommodate, incubate and transform the confusion and sufferings of the psyche that we all experience to a greater or lesser extent in our everyday lives. Within the alembic all that psychic garbage becomes the prima materia, the raw material for our transformational process. We realise that all the dark, fearful, shameful stuff that we might ordinarily hide away from the world is actually the very soil from which we begin to remember the origins of our beings. From that soil we grow new, richer perspectives that enable us to see through the different veils of reality that have tended to fix our gaze and reduce the scope of our imagination. By donning the mask of each Zodiac sign in turn, and embodying its archetypal energy, we rediscover aspects of ourselves that we have neglected or overlooked; we discover ways of accepting things about ourselves and others that we might previously found intolerable….

The journey goes on, whether we are aware of it or not, but the more we consciously engage with the great wheel of change, the more we spiral in our awareness and the more peace, inspiration, love and connectedness we experience.

I believe that re-establishing our connection with the Zodiac is of paramount importance at this time of unprecedented upheaval and transformation on our planet, especially now as we spiral more and more intensively toward 2012 and beyond, and as we prepare ourselves for the quantum leap of consciousness that I believe humanity must now take. Engaged with as a living journey, the great wheel of astrology becomes much more than a way of describing our character or reading our future, it becomes a way of liberating our souls, re-enlivening our creativity and imagination, and reconnecting us to the source of our divinity as human beings in an evidently greater-than-human cosmos.”

~ John Wadsworth, 2010

“It is necessary to understand man as a smaller cosmos repeating on a small scale the same system of energies contained in the solar system, the receiving and communicating apparatus being the nervous system, which in its turn alerts and connects up with the glands system. The glands, of course, containing the energies which when released produce the various manifestations of characteristics which make up a person.

If one makes a spiral, taking the Solar plexus as starting point, the distance of the various glands from each other, following the path of the spiral, tallies very closely with that of the corresponding planets from the sun, apparently obeying Bodes’ Law, which states that each planet is twice as far from the sun as the preceding one.

Therefore, the Moon corresponds with the thymus which has to do with early growth, maternal instinct. Venus is equivalent to the flesh covering the body and certain harmonious emotions corresponding with the parathyroids.

Mercury, which has to do with movement, muscle control, speed of reaction, corresponds with the thyroids. Mars to do with fight and flight corresponds with the adrenal glands.

Jupiter corresponds to the Posterior pituitary, indicating emotional stability, expansive outgoing emotions and the muscular structure. Saturn corresponds to the Anterior pituitary gland, which controls the bone structure and is connected with the depth of thought and emotion.

Uranus which takes 84 years to make a complete orbit of the star system must be considered the last planet to have a relevance to human life as a whole, corresponding with a human life span. Which would seem to apply to the Gonads, the glands containing the most highly evolved energy normally produced by a human being and possessing all that is necessary for a new life.

For a more complete understanding of the real implications of Astrology it helps to think of the solar system as a highly involved series of spirals interwoven and moving through space with the sun as the spindle.

The solar system then takes on the aspect of a poly-phase transformer, the paths of the planets forming ever widening coils which transform different manifestations of energy at ever increasing speeds, which akin to electricity, act on the glands and thus determine our actions.

It is in the slight preponderance of the sensitivity of one gland over another that the basis of the idea of different types of man lies.

Thus there are basically six types, corresponding to Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Moon.”

~ an extract from ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, an article in Oz Magazine #4, June 1967

Still think Astrology is nonsense? Fine by me, it’s probably not your thing, but thanks for reading. Though if you dismiss astrology as complete rubbish from a scientific point of view, please go here for a load of compelling arguments and empirical evidence.

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All of this except the quotes © Jake Wyatt / Nice Adventures Productions

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