The Nice Adventures Of Derek The Homosexual Gerbil

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Derek was a homosexual gerbil. He knew he was because his parents christened him Derek the Homosexual Gerbil. He was born in 1987 and was first noticed in 1993 by the author. Derek was a tragic joke from the beginning, and a terrible, degenerate, immoral fiend, gifted with immortality and infamy, for better or worse.

Once upon a time, in the summer of ’93, I lay in the hammock in our garden and penned the meandering foundational chapters of The Nice Adventures of Derek the Homosexual Gerbil.

And Derek has been tailing me ever since, those deviant stories proving a compelling focal point for me to express a huge range of ideas, views, traumas and high drama. The novel that is emerging is a wild undertaking of modernist nerve-tingling introspection and silliness.

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A coming-of-age novel, full of naughtiness and loveliness – the story of a sensitive, anxious and lonely young man challenged and inspired to get his life together by a dramatised gerbil. It’s a big bad bonkers book of around 146,000 words. Some of it is beautiful. 29 years since conception, it’s getting tantalisingly close to being almost complete. Won’t (might) be too many more years until you can hold a copy of this fabulously filthy fiction, and gasp most vividly.

I have attempted to (mostly retrospectively) document the creation of this thing, without giving away too many spoilers. The following is a link to a ‘making of’ page about the making of The Nice Adventures of Derek the Homosexual Gerbil:

The Making of The Nice Adventures of Derek the Homosexual Gerbil

I like this novel. Readers and audiences like it too.


“Really beautifully written.” ~ Steph Lloyd (16/4/2010)

“I really like this – I’d like to read the whole thing… It’s really lovely.” ~ Nancy Howard (17/4/2010)

“Awesome… So gay!… Hilarious!” ~ Philippa Knudson-Judd (17/4/2010)

“It just grabs you and sucks you in.” ~ Steph Lloyd (7/3/2014)

“I do like a bit of surrealism.” “I need that book. I want to give it to my niece and nephew.” ~ Audience members at Jurnet’s Bar (23/4/2014)

“I think the book is fabulous and wanna read more.” ~ Philippa Knudson-Judd (23/7/2016)

“Haven’t you finished that yet?” ~ Wifey (24/7/2016)

“How’s the writing going? The gay hamster… Yeah, gerbil, sorry… It’s gonna be really epic when it’s finished. It’s kind of like the Bible, how it’s written in chunks over time. I haven’t even read it… I’ve read all of the Bible. There’s a whole chapter devoted to the rape of a city. The worst thing is it’s the children’s version of it. It’s the only version I can understand.” ~ Theo Gallant (6/4/2017)

“You manage to stretch out a lot of crap, don’t you!?” ~ Chubbs (25/10/2018)

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