2014_Mar 18_Jake

I am Jake Wyatt of Norwich, UK. I set up this thing called Nice Adventures Productions in 2004 as a platform to envelop and stamp many of my strange, terrible, beautiful, introspective and exploratory creative projects, research and archives: writings, photography, comedy, astrology, audio and video production.

The biggest of my things is my novel, The Nice Adventures Of Derek The Homosexual Gerbil, which I have been working on since 1993. Many details of this book’s development have only just emerged on this site for the first time since time first emerged.

Occasionally, I get very passionate about astrology, which is evidently a real thing, and I have ideas relating to it which I call my Astrological Reckonings.

About a lot of years ago I done some radio broadcasting and much audio production, using sounds, and then I made some CDs. Two of these are known as Being Audacious and Going Off At A Tangent. And there’s no changing that now.

And then, of a dismal sort of quality, we have my poems and ponderings regarding Banana. Banana has been my friend.

After I started this domain – on my 36th birthday, 19 April 2016 – I found it quite exciting to write a few blog entries, but, although each of these won somewhere in the region of 9 prizes, this activity fizzled out.

So, this is my website. I use it to Contact myself and waste my time and yours. So, up yours, and up mine; to onward we go. And thanks for popping by.